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If we’re honest, teens are often the leaders in trends and fashion within the family. Teens typically know what’s “in” or “cool” long before their older siblings and certainly long before their parents. Therefore, it is not hard to sympathize with teens of the past that they would require braces. Horrors of being taunted as “brace face” or “metal mouth” have haunted the social experiences of teens for decades. However, in a society where having a perfect smile is no longer a luxury, but in many instances, a necessity, pre-teens, and teens once again know how to take a situation and make it trendy. Having well-aligned teeth and requiring the hardware to obtain it is a common occurrence for the contemporary teen. As such, there are multiple options available to teens and their families to help make the wearing of orthodontic devices just another aspect of their lives to include on Instagram.


Gone are the days of the clunky, one-colored braces of the past. Dental appliances no longer need to be seen as something that will cramp one’s style. There are a number of ways to make braces fashionable. The hardware of braces, the bands and brackets are attached by elastic ligatures. These elastics need to be changed on a regular basis- meaning that teens have consistent control over “the look” they want to have month over month. Braces elastics come in virtually every color- even including clear or glow-in-the-dark, giving teens a near-infinite amount of possibilities for what they want their smile to look like. Many teens enjoy choosing elastics that align with an upcoming seasonal holiday, their school colors, or even just use their elastics as another vehicle to express themselves and their individual style. Braces don’t have to be boring; by changing the colors of the elastics, teens have control over what the style of their smile looks like.


Clear Braces or Invisalign: 

 Another aesthetic option available in dental wear that was not available in the past is the option to don clear braces or a brand of an “invisible” alignment system known as Invisalign. If your orthodontist feels like this might be the right choice for you, teens (and adults) can choose to have corrective dental wear that is essentially invisible. If your teen is convinced that metal braces will ruin their selfies, ceramic braces might be a viable option instead. Alternatively, for mild corrective issues, or to complement previous corrective dental procedures, Invisalign- the computer-generated aligner- might be a viable option and one that can reduce the aggravation to soft tissues in the mouth. Depending on the needs of the individual patient, Dr. Matza’s team can advise on the alignment regiment that is best for the individual.

Smile confidently while wearing your corrective oral devices! Braces have changed vastly from where they were 20 years ago! Are you thinking of getting orthodontic procedures for your teen or for yourself? Visit Dr. Matza and his team on Facebook at or give us a call at 561.368.3480 to see how our team can help keep your smile shining brightly!

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